Chai Yo Thai Restaurant

Drinks List

Bottled Beers

- Singha Beer(330ml)  £3.95

- Tiger Beer(330ml)     £3.95

Soft Drinks

- Coca-Cola     £1.95

- Diet Coke     £1.95

- Fanta (orange)     £1.95

- Lemonade (Schweppes)     £1.95

- Tonic water(Schweppes)     £1.95

- Slimline Tonic (Schweppes)     £1.95

- Soda water(Schweppes)     £1.95

Fruit Juices

- Apple Juice     £1.95

- Orange Juice     £1.95

- Mango Juice     £1.95

- Pineapple Juice     £1.95

Mineral Water

- Still     - 330ml     £1.95

               - 750ml     £3.95

- Sparkling   330ml     £1.95

                       - 750ml     £3.95

Spirits& Whiskey(25/50ml)

- Jameson     £2.75/£4.95

- Jack Daniels     £2.75/£4.95

- Bell’s     £2.75/£4.95

- Bacardi     £2.75/£4.95

- Vodka     £2.75/£4.95

- Gin     £2.75/£4.95

- Martini     £2.75/£4.95

- Malibu     £2.75/£4.95

- Pimm’s     £2.75/£4.95

       Add Mixer £0.75

Liqueurs& Brandy (25/50ml)

- Tia Maria     £2.75/£4.95

- Baileys     £2.75/£4.95

- Cointreau     £2.75/£4.95

- Martell Cognac     £2.75/£4.95

Hot Drinks


- English Tea (PG Tips)     £1.50

- Jasmine Tea     £1.50

- Green Tea     £1.50


- Coffee     £1.50

- Floating Coffee     £1.95

- Liqueur Coffee     £4.95


Sparkling Wine

1.    Prosecco Amori (Quarter 20cl) /Italy   £6.75

A delightfully crisp Prosecco (Quarter bottle, 20cl) with vibrant apple and pear notes and a delicate, floral and fruity finish. 

Pale light yellow in colour, with fine and elegant bubbles which create a soft, yet refreshing mouthfeel.


                        White Wines 

         2.    Cuvée Jean Paul Demi Sec /France                 £14.95 (Bottle)            £3.95 (125ml)       £4.75(175ml)         £5.75(250ml)

A smooth and subtle medium white wine whose deliciously fresh and fragrant nose is followed by ripe, 

green fruit on the palate to create a lasting finish.


3.    Vicuna Sauvignon Blanc /Chile                   £15.95 (Bottle)            £4.25 (125ml)       £5.25(175ml)         £6.25(250ml)

Good gooseberry fruit on the nose and through to the crisp dry palate.


4.    Pinot Grigio Amori /Italy           £16.95(Bottle)

A Pinot Grigio that is soft with a lightly refreshing character. 

Hints of honey and pear drops on the nose with a long and dry finish. 

A well-made easy-drinking wine.


5.    Freedom Cross Chenin Blanc /South Africa        £17.95(Bottle)

Pale gold with a distinctive green hue and a well-balanced sweet nose of tropical fruit and honey. 

The palate offers citrus flavours with a hint of peach.


6.    Picpoul de Pinet Terre d'Eole /Southern France      £20.95(Bottle)

A very fresh and zingy wine from the south of France that is perfect for any summer day and pairs perfectly with seafood.


Rose Wines

7.    Cuvée Jean Paul Rosé / France                      £14.95 (Bottle)            £3.95 (125ml)       £4.75(175ml)         £5.75(250ml)

A deliciously soft, full flavoured rosé with aromas of raspberries and redcurrants providing a long and elegant finish.

 8.    Foxcover White Zinfandel /California                   £17.95(Bottle)

A delicious medium pink wine with hints of fresh strawberries and summer fruits. 

Candied fruit flavour is the key to its approachability and popularity.


Red Wines

9.    Cuvée Jean Paul Rouge /France                      £14.95 (Bottle)            £3.95 (125ml)       £4.75(175ml)         £5.75(250ml)

This crimson wine has a pronounced nose of fruit and is smooth, soft and succulent on the palate. 

The predominance of Grenache Noir imparts a depth and robustness that is typical of Southern Rhone wines.


10.                  Vicuna Merlot /Chile                  £15.95(Bottle)

Bright plum aromas carry through to a palate that has bags of fruit flavour and a smooth finish.


11.                  Lautarul Pinot Noir /Romania                     £17.95(Bottle)

For a Pinot Noir this is quite a big wine. Wonderful juicy fruit of grapes and cherries with notes of spice and soft tannins. 

The finish is soft round and velvety with hints of eucalyptus.


12.                  Uvas del Sol Malbec /Argentina                      £21.95(Bottle)

Rich aromas of blackcurrant and plum on the nose and palate entwine with notes of mocha and tobacco on the complex finish.